We started this podcast looking through the lens of whimsy and nostalgia will also bringing our current thoughts on the stories and toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. And among those initial thoughts and conversations emerged the thought "What would a MOTU series look like if it was done in today's world?" 

Well, we need to wonder no longer because MOTU: Revelation is HERE!!

Listen to the boys of MEGA share their thoughts on this exciting new series and MORE!!

Good Journey!!


We're BACK!!! It's been one crazy year (were looking at YOU Yuckers), and we're coming in HOT with a brand new episode!!

This time around we're joined by the creator of the "Lenny Vernon: Badass Trucker" indie comic, Al Garrison of OMUG Comics!

Also with this episode we're premiering our third co-host, the one and only Jesse, or Jess-E-Faces if you will.

One this episode we feature a character that we've talked about a TON and were waiting for the perfect time to discuss him. And that time is NOW!!

Sit back and enjoy as we talk about the one and only, CLAMP CHAMP!!



It's no secret the world of MOTU has some of the most bizarre and weird characters even seen by human eyes (we're looking at you Snout Spout)

But there are several characters who not only break the mold, they burn down the mold factory, and steal all the mold factory workers' Christmas presents!

Some of these characters include...


Plundor! A purple rabbit with a shredded bod, who likes to steal things and cause mayhem? Yes, please!

Or maybe you like a weird mix of Army, Viking, Space Warrior? MOTU has you covered with...


Vykron, Tank-Head, and Rocketman Guy Dude Bro (seriously we don't know this guy's name)

And finally...


Castle Grayskullman!!! You know things are bad when Castle Grayskull is like "Okay, that's IT!!! TIME FOR ME TO THROW DOWN!!"

Don't be so evil that a castle has to become a warrior and come fight you.

You've gone too far at that point.

Please enjoy all of this and MORE as we delve into the most INSANE CHARACTERS OF MOTU!!

We hope you enjoyed our little April Fool's joke, but there's NO way we were going to actually not create a full episode for you!

Please enjoy our FULL LENGTH episode on Modulok!

 IMG_5242.jpg IMG_5238.jpg

This may be one of the best "She-Ra" episodes, EVER!!!


This guy can't believe the abomination he's witnessing!

That, or he has no eyelids.


Modulok, part scientist, part monster, and ALL EVIL!!  Whether in the comics, cartoon, or toy, there's no arguing he's scary, and monstrous!

Eddie and Jeff are convinced he eats baby teeth and washes them down with nightmare juice!

Please enjoy our take on this infamous character from The Masters of the Universe!!

We here at Make Eternia Great Again had one rule...we'll never do an episode on Modulok.

Well you know what they say, much like Modulok's soul, rules were made to BROKEN!!!


                               Modulok..what are you doing?!?!?

We know we've gone on the record for really putting the ol' boots to Modulok, but this time we want to make amends, and show him the respect he deserves!


Released as part of "The Evil Horde" and initially introduced as a villain of the "He-Man" cartoon, he eventually was moved over to the "She-Ra" cartoon as a permanent villain, Modulok's backstory is as varied and crazy as he is!

We hope you enjoy, as we share our memories of Mod-U-LOK!!!

Good Journey!

Break out your bibs and the lemon butter, because we're fixin' to get CRACKIN'!!

Somehow we've made it THIS long without discussing the CRABBIEST baddie this side of Snake Mountain, CLAWFUL!!


Clawful was a confusing character for sure, having the distinct honor of being the toy to look the least like his "Filmation" counterpart!


Is he a crab? A dragon? An alligator with the worst hands ever? What sort of cruel creator god reigns over Eternia? 


One of the most nasty baddies, his true devilry is on full display in the Filmation episode "The Horn of Evil", in which good ol' Clawful and Trap Jaw steal an ancient artifact which basically spews out pure, unfiltered evil all over Eternia, and even as Trap Jaw begins to wonder if they've gone too far, Clawful demands "even more evil" like the insane crab/dragon/demon he is!

We discuss the coolness of the vintage toys action feature, the weirdness of his weird face, the best villain belly-flop ever, and MORE!

Enjoy our newest episode, and remember to Subscribe, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter! 


What do you get when you take "He-Man and The Masters of the Universe" and mush it up with one of the most popular digital streaming services this side of Snake Mountain?



 Jeff and Eddie decided to crack open the digital walnut that is Netflix and share their thoughts and opinions on what all this may mean, and what we're really looking forward to!

How about YOU? Do you want to see Man-at-Arms with even MORE man-buns? How about an intellectual Ram-Man that has his doctorate from Eternos University? DARE we dream of a Granamyr that's wears PANTS?

Sound off in the comments or reach out to us on our Facebook Page right HERE!!

Welcome to the very FIRST episode of MEGA Multiverse!!

We're opening the floodgates on all things awesome from the late 70's, 80's and early 90's to share our slightly faded (but still wonderful) memories and funny stories/musings of the playthings, cartoons, and stories we enjoyed as kids!

If you love MEGA, your brain will MELT as we put the pedal to the metal as we drive right into the wormhole of the MEGA Multiverse!!

On our FIRST episode we're discussing the one robot in disguise you don't want to turn your back to, the dude who will NOT hesitate to toss you into deep space if you need some medical care but "still function", the one, the only...STARSCREAM!!!



Welcome to MEGA 2020! We're making a few changes to the show, and have a few fun surprises up our sleeves, so stay tuned to this site and our Facebook Page for updates!

So with that, let's start off with a character we've only touched on in past episodes!

He's got that charm, but he'll still do you harm, better sell the farm, cuz he's got SNAKES for arms, the ONE the ONLY, KING HISS!!!


With a face and body of writhing, knotted up snakes, this character blew our collective brains in the mid 1980's! We just weren't ready! 

As part of the never actually released "Powers of Grayskull" toy one, King Hiss was ready to STRIKE as one of the baddest of the baddies, even making Hordak look like a daisy-sniffing wimp.


But alas, his full splendor was never fully realized. But at least we got to enjoy his completely insane action figure! So make yourself a giant plate of noodles, sit back, and let's have some fun with King Hiss!!

Imagine Dragons...NO NOT THE BAND, Imagine a WORLD with dragons!! Eternia, at one point in time, was FULL of dragons. But now now. Now there is but ONE dragon. And he hides away only seeing those who possess the courage and purity of will to seek him out. Who is this mighty and ancient dragon?

The wise and powerful Granamyr!! 


Seen in both the comics AND the cartoon, this helmet wearing, dispenser of wisdom, is connected to some of the most exciting and insane episodes in the entire run of "Master of the Universe"!!

But don't take my word for it, put on your bucket helmets and run straight for the land of Darksmoke to find out more about the one and only, Granamyr!!

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