What do you get when you take "He-Man and The Masters of the Universe" and mush it up with one of the most popular digital streaming services this side of Snake Mountain?



 Jeff and Eddie decided to crack open the digital walnut that is Netflix and share their thoughts and opinions on what all this may mean, and what we're really looking forward to!

How about YOU? Do you want to see Man-at-Arms with even MORE man-buns? How about an intellectual Ram-Man that has his doctorate from Eternos University? DARE we dream of a Granamyr that's wears PANTS?

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Welcome to the very FIRST episode of MEGA Multiverse!!

We're opening the floodgates on all things awesome from the late 70's, 80's and early 90's to share our slightly faded (but still wonderful) memories and funny stories/musings of the playthings, cartoons, and stories we enjoyed as kids!

If you love MEGA, your brain will MELT as we put the pedal to the metal as we drive right into the wormhole of the MEGA Multiverse!!

On our FIRST episode we're discussing the one robot in disguise you don't want to turn your back to, the dude who will NOT hesitate to toss you into deep space if you need some medical care but "still function", the one, the only...STARSCREAM!!!



Welcome to MEGA 2020! We're making a few changes to the show, and have a few fun surprises up our sleeves, so stay tuned to this site and our Facebook Page for updates!

So with that, let's start off with a character we've only touched on in past episodes!

He's got that charm, but he'll still do you harm, better sell the farm, cuz he's got SNAKES for arms, the ONE the ONLY, KING HISS!!!


With a face and body of writhing, knotted up snakes, this character blew our collective brains in the mid 1980's! We just weren't ready! 

As part of the never actually released "Powers of Grayskull" toy one, King Hiss was ready to STRIKE as one of the baddest of the baddies, even making Hordak look like a daisy-sniffing wimp.


But alas, his full splendor was never fully realized. But at least we got to enjoy his completely insane action figure! So make yourself a giant plate of noodles, sit back, and let's have some fun with King Hiss!!

Imagine Dragons...NO NOT THE BAND, Imagine a WORLD with dragons!! Eternia, at one point in time, was FULL of dragons. But now now. Now there is but ONE dragon. And he hides away only seeing those who possess the courage and purity of will to seek him out. Who is this mighty and ancient dragon?

The wise and powerful Granamyr!! 


Seen in both the comics AND the cartoon, this helmet wearing, dispenser of wisdom, is connected to some of the most exciting and insane episodes in the entire run of "Master of the Universe"!!

But don't take my word for it, put on your bucket helmets and run straight for the land of Darksmoke to find out more about the one and only, Granamyr!!

What happens when Krampus decides to break the rules and hatches a plan to take over Christmas?

Listen to the thrilling and exciting final entry in The Podcast Arcade Christmas Trilogy saga, "Countdown to Krampus" and find out NOW!!

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Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our podcast this year! Happy Holidays!!


We decided to take to the SKIES for this episode! Traveling at the speed of imagination, we come smashing into your podcast stuff machine with another fun packed episode where we discuss The Talon Fighter and Point Dread! Jeff-At-Arms had some business to attend to, so please enjoy this special episode with guest host, Lee Bokma, from The Art of Lee Bokma!

Initially conceived as a larger play set, Point Dread and the Talon Fighter cam out as a vehicle/play set that could attach to Castle Grayskull! This alone blew our little 80's kid brains, so you can bet Orko's hat every cool kid on the playground wanted one of these bad boys!!



If you were super lucky, you also got the version of the Talon Fighter and Point Dread that came along with an included storybook AND record with the story completely voice acted and everything!!! With all the spills and chills of the cartoon, this story was a MUST LISTEN when you cracked open this sucker for the first time!! There was also a mini comic that had similar cover art, but the story was completely different! Continuity is for WIMPS!!


As an added little bit of trivia, it's no secret Mattel "borrowed" from it's other toy line "Big Jim" for some of the vehicle and play set design for MOTU. The Talon fighter is no exception when you compare it's design to that of the "Big Jim Space Jet"! Behold it's almost Talon Fighter-like glory!!


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On this thrilling installment of "Make Eternia Great Again" we revisit one of the toughest Masters of the Universe this side of Snake Mountain! Leader of the Palace Guards, destined to become the Sorceress/Goddess, and adoptive daughter of Duncan, the one and only, Teela!


This lady was NO ONE to mess around with! She'd sooner roundhouse kick you in the teeth than put up with one ounce of your tomfoolery and shenanigans. Teela was well known for laying the smack down on Prince Adam the minute she sniffed out that he was napping under a tree or shopping for a fresh pair of pink leggings. 

Teela has one of the richest back stories of almost any of the characters of "Masters of the Universe", and over the last nearly forty years, her story only gets richer. Please enjoy as E-Man and Jeff-at-Arms discuss the all the fun and fight that Teela bring the the universe!!



Scary Salutations and Ghoulish Greetings, MEGA listeners! Halloween is just around the corner and what better to celebrate than with our good friend, Candy from Pop Culture Exchange!! If it's a retro/vintage toy you're after, they either have it or can help you get it!


We first start off with discussing a MOTU character so potentially scary that Mattel decided to "nerf" him a little bit and sell his action feature as less scary than it actually was!

We're talking about the "so late in the line that there's no way we can joke about him being in wave 2", MOSQUITOR!!

A downright scary looking monster/hybrid mix of a villain, Mosquitor had the action feature of draining the "power" out of whomever he was attacking.


It just so happened that when he'd drain someone of their "power", a red, viscous liquid would flow and gurgle around in his chest cavity. Yup .


Even though he may have been late to the party, Mosquitor was not hurting in the "he looks awesome" department. He had a crazy robot needle nosed face, a cool looking insect style gun, and a pair of sick looking future boots!

Since we were hanging out with a buddy who just happened to own the most amazing toy store this side of the Mississippi, we ALSO started talking about other toys that featured some sort of blood or bodily function as an action feature!

Meet, Gre-Gory!


A big rubber bat toy with a chest filled with "blood" that you'd mush around by pressing a spot on his back! Candy brought one in for us to check out and boy o' boy, was this a fun and weird toy! Scare your wife! Chase away those pesky solicitors! Hang out on the couch and watch vampire movies with him! Gre-Gory isn't JUST a scary bat filled with toy blood, he also wants to be your FRIEND!

And what discussion about toys that featured bodily function would be complete with out talking about...PULSAR!!


I love the 1970's. Hey kids!! Wanna play with an action figure of a middle aged man with white hair, a track suit, and a clear chest so you can see his lungs fill with air, his veins pump with blood, AND pop open his face to touch his BRAIN?!?!?

1970's Kids: YEAH!!!!!!

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While reviewing MOTU characters we wanted to discuss for our next episode, we realized there exists AMAZING creations in the MOTU pantheon that weren't quite characters and that also weren't quite vehicles...WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES!!

Where else can you find THIS?!?!?! The Tower Tools!


Is it a weapon? Construction equipment? Lawn maintenance day at Snake Mountain? NO ONE KNOWS!!!

Moving on, what piece of equipment would you envision fur loincloth wearing barbarians doing battle with? Swords? Even MORE huge battle axes? Or perhaps...this?


The Cliff Climber!! Ward off an invading devil-faced tilt a whirl piloted by a demonic skeleton with a shoulder mounted POWER DRILL!!!

Did you also happen to know that in addition to trying to unlock the secrets of Castle Grayskull, Skeletor also enjoys deep sea diving? Scubattack helps him pursue his hobby as well as wreak havoc on the heroic warriors! Efficiently evil!


We discuss these and the Mega Laser, Stilt Stalker, and Jet Sled in this laugh filled break down of the best (or worst) MOTU Accessories! Subscribe, review, and enjoy!! GOOD JOURNEY!!


On this newest installment of "Make Eternia Great Again", we discuss the announcement of the upcoming "Master of the Universe: Revelations" series by power duo Netflix and Super-Nerd Kevin Smith (Snoogins)!!

Announced at Power-Con 2019, in San Diego, it blew MOTU fans' minds and set ALL the fan pages on FIRE!!! MYAHHHH!! Some fans are worried about the tone of the series since Kevin Smith is known for "blue" material, but with him promising to be true to the series and with the trust he's built up with his fans it's safe to say MOTU is in good hands.


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